KnitML and Knitter’s Geek Code

I love geek knitting! Here’s one of the latest efforts, an initiative to standardize sharing of patterns. I’m not necessarily endorsing or participating at this time, but this is the link in the interest of spreading info.

A little older, this is the knitter’s geek code. Put it in your signature line to communicate secretly to other knitting geeks.


KCmR++ Ex++ SPM++ AddiT ++ Wood+ Cas- Syn@ Cot- wool+++ Lux++ Stash+ Scale ++ Fin- Ent– FI- Tex+++ Lace+ Circ++ DPN+ ML- Swatch+++ KIP++ Blog++ SNB EZ+ FO+WIP+++ CR+ Q– X+ Em+ Sw+ Wv++ SP+++


12 Days … sorta

School just let out on Friday and I’ve been frantically catching up on shopping and sleep and life. Until I have more time, here’s a visual and audial (?) holiday treat, courtesy of YouTube via the Dvorak Uncensored blog. Enjoy!


FO Knitted Cowl

Finally! Something finished, but not one that’s been on the needles for a while. The yarn is a souvenir skein of Handmaiden Cashmere and Silk from Loop in Santa Barbara. The pattern is a variation of the Pashmina Cowl from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. At first I was grumpy because it turned out wider than I expected, but now I like that I can loop it over my head. It’s very airy but SO warm. Also, I’m experimenting with a new bathroom-mirror-photo technique — not bad, eh?


Life’s too busy for more rambling, unfortunately. More knitting content: I’m having the BEST time shopping for my Secret Santa, to be gifted next Sunday. It’s a mixed blessing that I haven’t seen my regular knitting pals for a while — I’m so bad at keeping secrets!


Hope your holiday season is restful….