Chaucer Rap

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted. Sigh…. work (lots of grading to catch up on), family (baby sister got married — more details later) , very little knitting (or stash enhancement, to my dismay) … Here’s a video courtesy of my colleague TS, not just for Middle English nerds.



Happy 2008!

Welcome to the New Year! I won’t pretend to make and keep resolutions, but I will post a few knitting goals. (1) Learn to love (or at least like) seaming. I have have 4, count ’em 4!, almost complete sweaters only awaiting seaming. One is Bob, a white, cotton summer tee, body in the round with raglan sleeves. Talk about procrastination! Another is one of my very first projects when I resumed knitting about 5 years ago, a sweater whose name escapes me from Interweave Knits in my then-favorite dark dusty rose with an interesting rib pattern. I was a bit cavalier when decreasing the front and back toward the shoulders, so I may have to fudge a bit on matching those seams. (2) Have 5 or fewer projects OTN (unlimited PIAB — projects in a bag — are okay). Right now I have about 9 or 10, including some almost-completed scarves and hats, and a wrap that just needs a little cable troubleshooting. (3) Limit impulse or souvenir yarn purchases to places where I truly don’t expect to travel again for years (NOT online) and exceptional prices on luxury yarns (NOT online). (4) Limit book purchases to no more than one per quarter (can you say “library” and “good friends”?) and subscriptions to one per year. At one point I had Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, Knit Simple, Spin Out and the Rowan club. NOT cost-effective, especially since Ravelry is such an awesome source of pointers to patterns that I can purchase as one-offs. (5) Spin more regularly. I’m still working on a pound of lovely Corriedale from months and months and months ago.

Okay, that’s plenty to keep me busy….

Here’s an FO, Le Slouch Beret from Knit and Tonic in Mirasol, the llama yarn that begins with M. (edit: It’s called Miski.) I love it and plan to do several more for friends.

Also, here’s a WIP, some easy legwarmers for my DD from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (what a reliable book!) in Cascade 220 and Crystal Palace Kid Mohair. Isn’t the blend pretty? My monitor doesn’t do the pale green of the mohair justice, but … just use your imagination….

Happy knitting!