Roving Unboxing

(I’m on a roll — two posts in one day!)

Kudos to Wendy of Lanas de Libelula! This amazing woman up and moved her family, dogs included of course, and business from San Diego to Yreka, fulfilling orders in the process. She made an extra special detour personal delivery to my very-near-the-freeway workplace of about 6 pounds of roving and many skeins of superwash for many pairs of socks. Some of the roving is also superwash. I can hardly wait to get to it. The fact that it arrived at work allowed me to share with my knitting buddies, who got to fondle and sniff (nice herbal satchets included!) the pre-spun wooly goodness. Since it was Valentine’s Day, the package also included a Godiva chocolate bar! Yum….

The breakdown is: 2 lbs. merino/tencel in Peacock, 2 lbs. merino superwash undyed, 2 obs. blue-faced leister (BFL) in natural, 3 skeins Louet Gems sportweight in Pewter, 3 in Eggplant, and 1 in Teal. I’m still working on my Corriedale. It’s fascinating to compare the crimp and the length of the staples of the various fibers and blends. Yet again I have learned firsthand about how easy it is to SE, even without an X (knitspeak for stash enhancement, without an excursion).

The entire box on my sofa.

The Blue-faced Leicester. Isn’t the crimp lovely?

Lovely Merino-Tencel in Peacock.

Merino superwash — I’m thinking sweater…


2 thoughts on “Roving Unboxing”

  1. Yay internets for SE without X! 🙂 When I lay the pewter next to the eggplant I thought, I have got to do something with these together. Just a gorgeous vintage-y combo. Thanks again so much for the cool detour and happy spinning and knitting!

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