It may be nerdy to admit it, but I love school! Teaching is great, but mostly I like being a student, especially of my obsession du jour, which over the past many moons has been all things tech. (And knitting, of course!) One of my school colleagues became a Google-certified Teacher a few years ago, meaning he got to hang with other teachers at the amazing Santa Monica campus of Google and learn about all its free tools for all humanity, in particular for educators. He got me all jazzed to try a collaborative Google Docs project with my students, but sadly our district blocked that function. Go figure…. Anyways, this summer is the next Google Teacher Academy in Mountain View. There are no expenses and no expenses paid for this day, but fortunately I will want to visit my mom in Fremont around the same date. So, if I get selected, I’ll take a trip across the Bay and learn lots that I may or may not be able to implement in my job. If I don’t, I’ll still have a lovely visit with my mom to show for it.

Part of the application is a one minute video. Here’s mine:

Knitting content: not much lately! On the plane I was able to work on some Summer Socks from Spun Magazine in Louet Gems Pearl superwash, the Baby Lilac colorway. I’m just turning the heel on the second one. Someday I’ll post my WIP or finished product. Yeah, and the check’s in the mail…. 😉



3 thoughts on “School”

  1. Hi Bill and Debbie – thanks for your comments! Yeah yeah, I know the district unblocked Google Docs, but I like my incomplete story better.;-) I think there’s a new feature to allow OFFline access to Google Docs now, too. And yay for school! I hope the video helps me enter the Academy — even if I don’t get in I feel I’ve learned so much by making it.

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