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I really don’t get this one…. Thanks to CraftyMoni for sharing.



Fickle Plurker

is my latest love! If you go there and sign up through the above link, you will become one of my “friends” and increase my “karma.” Not that I care about stuff like this, but if you’re curious about it anyway, I figure I might as well benefit. Note that I’ve practically deserted Twitter for Plurk.

*** UPDATE: the link only SHOWS you my page. Please email me at roguetessAT gmail DOT com for an invite. I don’t want to spam my friends with invites so I’ll send them ASAP by request. ***

Plurk is a microblogging social network. That means members have FUN and INFORMATIVE conversations in chunks of 140 characters, including emoticons. It’s amazing how USEFUL and ENTERTAINING this can be. Most of my friends are other knitters, the most prolific of whom is WendyKnits who has shared patterns and the unboxing of the proofs of her new sock book Great stuff! A few of my friends IRL (in real life) are also there, Megann and Jerry (and now Debbie!), in particular. Many folks from Ravelry have also migrated over. There is also a Ravelry group callled Plurknit, but I admit I don’t visit much since it’s so EASY to check in to Plurk instead. I’ve also become buds with some of my favorite tech people, learning that a few live in my old neighborhood in Oakland.

Basically, I’ve connected with new friends via a central microblog instead of relying on them to find my regular blog, although I can easily link to posts here, too.

Come play with us! ALso, if you’re inclined, please use my link above.

Knitting content: I finished Hedera finally! It’s taken forever since it was my reward project for power-grading to get to the end of the school year.

Hedera 1
Hedera 2