Geek Quiz and BSJ

It’s official. I’m a geek.

75% Geek

Created by OnePlusYou – Online Dating Service

Here’s the quiz itself.

Disclaimer: the quiz implies you need to join a geek dating service for your results but you don’t.

Knitting content: I have just to seam my Baby Surprise Jacket and crochet the neckline. Elizabeth Zimmerman was the original geek knitter IMHO. I want to make a percentage sweater for my DH this winter. The first photo is the jacket, knit in one piece, before you fold it up. The second is the jacket laid out for seaming and adding buttons, which I’ll probably do this weekend.

Baby Surprise Jacket unfolded

Baby Surprise Jacket before seaming

Life news: We are now officially empty-nesters! We dropped DS off at college this weekend and have had exactly one e-mail from him since Sunday. Apparently he loves it there. This is good! But, with DH out of town tonight, my darling Dusty dog and I are pretty lonely….



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