Breaking the Fast


I made a trip to the Purl Warehouse Wednesday afternoon, ostensibly for #4 Addi Lace circulars and tapestry needles, but couldn’t resist the Kid Silk Haze. My camera couldn’t really capture the rich brown shot through with hints of gold. So much for my yarn diet! I’ve been pretty good since the beginning of the summer though.  I want to make this sweater from Glampyre’s blog, soon to appear in Glam Knits.

The buttons in the picture above are from JoAnn’s for the Baby Surprise Jacket and my Hey Teach cardigan. I’ll post pix once they’re completely finished. No estimates of when that will be ….



Frogfest :(

The first picture is how far I have knitted on Bella Blouse, a lovely Norah Gaughan sleeveless sweater with an intricate trim at the hem and collar. The second picture shows the light pink Cascade yarn that SHOULD have been the sweater body until I inadvertently scavenged the Karabella Aurora 8 that belongs to a different project! So … yup … frog time. For the entire fricking back and half the front! If I weren’t 94.82% sure that the dark pink yarn colorway is hard to find, I might risk looking for more but I can’t. Sigh…. Oh well, thank God there are do-overs in knitting. Nothing is completely irrevocable.


Bob, Seamed

I did a heck-load of seaming this weekend! Bob, from Knitty, had been sitting in my pile for about a year. No kidding. I hate seaming. It’s knit in Berroco Love (cotton, acrylic, polyester), nice and stretchy but not too heavy. I had wanted Rowan All-Seasons Cotton or Calmer, but they weren’t available in the right quantities when inspiration hit at Common Threads in Encinitas. I’m very pleased with the fit. Too bad it’s not summer anymore. Still, SoCal weather is so weird, I’m sure I’ll have a few warm days soon when I can wear it.


Another Morning After Image

I guess my politics are coming out (if it weren’t obvious before). I love this image on so many levels because of its timing.

I’m thrilled that my family will be in Washington DC during the inauguration! We’re trying to score tickets to something, anything. At the very least we’ll be among the expected 1-2 million at the Reflecting Pond on the Mall witnessing President Obama’s speech. The trip was actually DD’s idea. This was the first presidential vote for both her and DS. Exciting!

Knitting content: nothing new, except a renewed commitment to knit only from stash, at least until the new year. Cash flow is tight, especially with two kids in college!

Have a great Sunday!

The Morning After

This is an amazing compilation of newspaper front pages on Wednesday, November 5, 2009. ‘Nuff said.

Knitting content: finally made it back to a SnB night! We have new digs and a more comfortable and upscale iteration of our old location. They’re adding a new dinner menu too. It was sadly empty, though. Durn this economy!

I’m working on the Wrapigan cardigan in an amazingly soft 100% alpaca, Peruvian Tweed, as called for in the pattern. It’s a ton of stockinette, but interesting cabling for the sleeves.

Happy Saturday!


Just you TRY to resist these puppies! This link gives you the chat, too, as well as details about their names, etc. At first I found it slightly creepy to be stalking puppies and watching them sleep, but now I just keep a tab open that I click when I hear a yip or a whimper. Very entertaining.

No knitting content, except news that I will go to SnB for the 1st time in months tonight! Yay!