New Beginnings

Today is momentous for so many reasons! Our country has embraced new leadership in the person of President-elect Barack Obama. I am ecstatic beyond words. No time to waste in jubilation though, with so much hard work and hardship ahead. I thought he struck the perfect tone in his “victory” speech.

Also, this begins a new era in my personal blogging. I’ve tweaked my system to simplify uploading photos, cutting out many unnecessary steps between my camera and posting. The Eye-Fi wireless 2GB card in my camera downloads INSTANTLY to both iPhoto in my computer and to my Flickr account, from which I can blog immediately. Easy!

I signed up for NaBloPoMo, where I committed to blogging daily for 30 days. Theoretically it was from Nov 1 to 30, but oh well. I’ll just jump in from where I am. There’s no penalty for adapting the guidelines.

Anyway, knitting content: here’s my Cashmere Cowl, free pattern from the Purl Blog. It was a perfect project for using up a precious expensive souvenir skein of Handmaiden Cashmere and Silk from Loop and Leaf in Santa Barbara and the weekend we moved in DD as a freshman.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!



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