One of my favorite podcasts is daily roundup of tech news from CNET called Buzz Out Loud. The hosts are Molly Wood, Tom Merritt and Jason Howell, all extremely knowledgeable and congenial geeks. They encourage voicemail and e-mail comments from listeners and I’ve contributed maybe half a dozen since the summer. Also they stream live the taping of the show and listeners even created a chat room that runs concurrently with the livestream. I hang out there, too, when I’m not at work.

Anyway, they don’t tape on Christmas, so they run a Listener Guest Host show instead. I was one of the guest hosts they picked and we just finished taping an hour ago. I’m STILL on an adrenaline high from it. I’m such an unabashed fangirl!

Knitting content (and slight spoilers): Domiknitrix works with the Buzzcrew at CNET. Also I got a plug in for Ravelry as well as the knitters on Plurk. Molly made an observation about the common overlap between geeks and crafters.



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