Las Brisas Appetizers

We normally don’t have this much before a restaurant dinner, or even wait in the bar at all, but tonight our Italian visitors were expected to be 30 minutes late for our 6:30 reservation at Las Brisas in Laguna Beach, so we splurged. From the top: warm tortilla chips, a Laguna Sunset (vodka, rum, creme de banana, other evilly delicious stuff), fresh salsa, fresher guacamole, an Ultimate Margarita.

I forgot to take a picture of my amazing Walnut-Crusted Salmon entree, or I would have included that as well. Very special and very yummy. Happily I had enough left over for a terrific Super Bowl Sunday lunch.

Knitting content: only a few rows of the Wrapigan because of errands and work today. It’s all good, though.



13″ PowerBook in the Wild

Kinda esoteric, I know, but this documents a rare sighting of a 13″ Apple PowerBook, last sold about 5 years ago. It’s the closest Apple has ever come to a netbook. The nice lady who indulged me in allowing me to take the picture is the matriarch of a Mac family. Her two teens were with her and they both had new MacBooks. Actually, so did mine. 😉 I saw another one a few months ago in Santa Barbara. The 20-something woman using it had been out of the country for almost two years, so her computer was in great shape. They’re arguably underpowered for today’s programs, but ideal for surfing the web in a compact package.

I’m stretching here, using a 12 day-old photo for today’s blog, but it’s been crazy busy. Now that the new semester has started, I hope to get back into a calmer schedule.

Knitting content: none today, but much anticipated this weekend!


Inauguration Concert via Binocs

I keep thinking I’m over the Inauguration, but memories insist on bubbling up. This is actually DD’s shot through the binoculars, giving the illusion of being closer to the stage than she actually was. *sigh* What an amazing weekend…. People I encounter in my daily routines are asking me about the experience so I get to relive it in the telling. After a week, I’ll probably have run through all the usual contacts so I’ll finally be done. Or not…

Knitting content: awaiting the weekend. Missed SnB tonight because of a much-needed nap.

Feeling My Age

Okay, so I’m not *that* old. But I’ve been in denial for a long time that this old body can take the same abuse I heaped upon it in college, specifically sleep deprivation. I had counted on powering through my deadline work with almost-all-nighters, but I can’t handle it any more. Gimme some naps! Also, I overestimated my attention span for dozens of less-than-original, teenage interpretations of Huck Finn.

Anyway, time marches on and the work gets done because it has to. Just the same, I’m tired tired tired. Also, I’m bummed that I missed a 365 Project posting. I had a great shot lined up for yesterday, but never got myself down the street to take it because of work.  Oh well, no blood involved. You’ll see it in the next few days.

In the meantime, good night!

Knitting content: yeah, right…


The One in the Red Hat

Coming on board a little late, but I just HAD to link to this amazing interactive photo.
Manipulating it will allow you to zoom in to see incredible detail. I’m the one in the red had and pink pashmina scarf. Sadly, however, I’m behind the Washington Monument. So, unless the photo has xray vision, you probably can’t find me. Another very tall friend is at the end of the reflecting pond, but he hasn’t been able to locate himself. DD and DH are somewhere to the left of the Monument.

No knitting content – still grading.


History in the Making

This is the closest that DD and DH got to the Capitol, from a little rise at the foot of the Washington Monument. The Jumbotron shows Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who chaired the Inaguration Committee and was one of the first speakers in the ceremony.

What you can’t really see is the diversity of the crowd, formal, informal, young (but not stroller age) and old (but ambulatory). Also, the crowd includes many, many organized groups of young people, usually with the same t-shirts over their jackets or same color beanies or scarves. We’re uniformly layered and uncomfortable in the cold. Even with snowboard pants, my legs got chilled from standing mostly still for so long. Uggs with socks did a pretty good job of keeping my toes warm, but I could’ve used some of those toe warmers from REI.

All discomfort was forgotten, though, starting from Rick Warren’s benediction. I was surprised at how many people recited the Lord’s Prayer with him, although some around me were clearly annoyed at it.

My companions were respectful and riveted during the quartet’s performance. We’ve since learned that they “play-synced” to their pre-recorded performance because of the cold. I have no trouble with their Plan B because it made the day perfect.

I’ll never forget the elation of the moment after Obama completed his oath of office. Cheers and tears and lots of jumping up and down and hugging, including perfect strangers. Many people wanted to cheer during Obama’s speech, too, but hushed quickly so as not to miss a single word.

After it ended, the crowds drifted in the same general directions, out toward the Metro stops or to find places to eat. We ended up on 20th and Pennysylvania, a cosmic location because that’s where my sister’s family lives in another California city!

That’s about it for the inauguration blogging. Many more moments are immortalized in my personal journal, but the rest will mush together in my memory. Sometimes it’s best to just experience the experience, rather than worry about documenting every second.

No knitting content because I’ve been grading frantically.