This photo is of about 1/3 of my stash. The messiest 1/3 — yarn already packaged with their intended patterns in ziplock bags and the zippered bags that sheets are sold in — is captured in my Flickr photostream, and the remainder is undocumented, residing in two large Rubbermaid tubs in my garage. Those tubs contain leftovers and acrylics and some buyer’s remorse purchases or well-meaning gifts that are awaiting the “perfect” project.

This portion consists mostly of 10-skein packages from a LYS liquidation of Debbie Bliss, Noro and Koigu. That was in my Koigu-for-socks phase before I discovered the joy of true superwash sock yarn. It would be interesting to sort my stash by date of purchase. I’m much more discriminating now and better at judging the right amounts for particular projects.

I was inspired to “flash my stash” because stash was the topic for today’s Page-a-Day Knitting Calendar by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. To quote: “…stashes exist not just for the purposes of knitting but for inspiration. After all, painters have lots of paint.” She has much wisdom. And exemplary hoarder’s rationalization powers.



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