My New Favorite Dessert

The verdict is in. After a week of dairy-deprivation (with one unfortunate lapse involving a baked potato, butter and sour cream), I have concluded I’m clearly dairy-sensitive. So … no more real ice cream, or not without uncomfortable consequences. I’m really liking chocolate soy milk and almond milk, and am willing to try other varieties. So far this is the best ice cream substitute. I’m just not a sherbet kinda gal.

Knitting content: here is one of several Ben and Jerry’s cozies I have knit for comfortable eating straight out of the carton.


3 thoughts on “My New Favorite Dessert”

  1. oooh you should try 8th continent vanilla soy milk, that stuff is amazingly tasty! the only down side is that it only comes in the half gallon size. Silk also makes some other delicious flavors but I think they might be seasonal. The Pumpkin spice and the Soy Nog are both delicious! If you drink coffee, the Silk vanilla creamer is YUM 🙂 Whole Foods has an amazing selection of refrigerated soy products by the way… that’s the most reliable place to find the silk creamer.

    I discovered my sensitivity (in a similar way as you did) about 7 years ago now but I’m thankful that I am not too terribly affected. It’s mostly milk that gets me which is ok by me since I never really liked milk anyway. I can still eat aged cheeses – apparently the aging reduces the lactose content but everyone has a different tolerance level. Good luck with the diet changes, you’ll get used to it 🙂 I really like soy lattes now!

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