Knitting on Metro

I’ve been up for a very long time today and will be rising early tomorrow, so this will be contain only the picture below. We woke up at 6, intending to leave for the Metro (3rd stop from the end) at 7 and meet my sister at the Mall at 8. Well, we turned on CNN at 6:05 and saw the area we wanted at the foot of the Washington Monument was already FULL! So we panicked and left without making my favorite DIY waffles at the free breakfast. Then, on the way there, we decided to drive to the last station so as to assure getting a seat (thanks, Jose!). The line was ginormous so DH dropped us off, parked at a shopping center, and ran back to join us in line.

We boarded the nearest train, but still had to stand. Then another one pulled in so we ran to that one and got seats. Whew! Thank goodness for our impulse because the train was full by the SECOND stop. Then we stopped for 10 minutes or more at several others, which I didn’t get because there was no room for new passengers. We sat next to a financial writer for the NYSE who was going to work on Pennsylvania Avenue. Yes, his office windows have a view of the parade, so my heart didn’t bleed too much for him.

This is how I spent much of the 2-1/2 hours of the ride in to DC. It’s the Wrapigan in a wonderful Peruvian Tweed 🙂

I forgot my iPhone in the car, so I couldn’t Plurk or Twitter or email or anything … and lived to tell about it. It was a blessing after all, because I had nothing to interfere with experiencing each historic moment. I had my camera (which I dropped 3 times and cracked the display) and my Flip Ultra Video player. I only filmed about 15 minutes, Obama’s speech, because I’m too short to film more than the back of people’s heads.

I had great conversations with people around me. One older lady on her mountain bike had ridden in from Reston VA. She observed that she hadn’t seen as many people on the Mall since May of 1971, a Vietnam protest. After Obama’s oath, random strangers started hugging each other with happy tears in their eyes. It was fabulous! People around me were riveted during his speech, wanting to clap, but silencing quickly so as to hear his every word.

My family and I took our time after the ceremony to work our way north to the Metro. Many streets were blocked because what looked like dozens of buses were parked along one side. We ended up at Johnny Rocket’s on 20th and Pennsylvania, not on the parade route, although we saw some costumed groups marching back when it was finished.

The wait at the Farragut West station wasn’t too long once we got to the platform. They were “metering” people at street level so there weren’t too many inside the station.

Back home around 7, we collapsed with pizza and ice cream. Now we’re packing and will be heading out by 7 in the morning. Whew!

Knitting content: all that I did was a few rows on the Wrapigan, but it was very calming.



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