Random Inauguration Moments

This is a picture of my second sighting of my man Barack, on the Mall near the WWII Memorial. A pair of young women were taking pix of people with Barack with their own camera as well as their models’, asking for email addresses and people’s “hopes”.  I gave them my ok-if-I-need-to-delete-because-of-spam email address and mumbled something about  world peace. I expect to see a nice online gallery offering these pictures for sale. Call me cynical.

Many people have commented to me about Aretha Franklin’s great hat at the Inauguration Ceremony. Honey, she had nuttin’ on some of the hats in the crowd. And full-on mink coats! I counted many groups of older African-American church ladies of a certain age (and often girth), all decked out in their Sunday best to witness Obama’s ascent to power. DD and DH were standing next to two of them from North Carolina who were not shy about expressing their intense dislike of George W. Bush.  But my bro-in-law had the best moment with one of them. He was in line outside one portapotty and a lady with a full-length mink coat was about to enter another one so, shocked, he asked, “Wait, do you want me to hold your coat for you while you go in there?” She looked him up and down, but politely declined. I’m still shaking my head over that one, but I guess she wasn’t gonna let NObody hold HER coat no matter what.

DD and DH met a lady in the crowd from Senegal who’d been in the US for 10 years.  A few people down was a man who’d been in the Peace Corps in Guinea, or some place that spoke her language. So within minutes of meeting they were jabbering away at each other in Senegalese or whatever, while DD and DH marveled at the diversity of the throngs who came to share this historic occasion.

We rode back on the Metro with two young men who looked, quite frankly, wasted. They had plenty of energy to flirt with DD, though. We learned that they had ridden in on the Metro on Monday, spent the day with friends, then, after the bars shut down at 4 a.m., went directly to the Mall to stake out their spots. That’s many hours in very cold weather! But they looked like, at least at that time, they were feeling no pain.

Knitting content: finally made it to a Stitch N B* night after many weeks of absence. It’s so great to catch up with knitting buddies but not so much to gaze jealously at all their FO’s while in the same amount of time I’ve accomplished so little! I did manage to sneak in a row or two of the Wrapigan at a long staff meeting this morning, though. So I guess the meeting was “productive” 😉



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