History in the Making

This is the closest that DD and DH got to the Capitol, from a little rise at the foot of the Washington Monument. The Jumbotron shows Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who chaired the Inaguration Committee and was one of the first speakers in the ceremony.

What you can’t really see is the diversity of the crowd, formal, informal, young (but not stroller age) and old (but ambulatory). Also, the crowd includes many, many organized groups of young people, usually with the same t-shirts over their jackets or same color beanies or scarves. We’re uniformly layered and uncomfortable in the cold. Even with snowboard pants, my legs got chilled from standing mostly still for so long. Uggs with socks did a pretty good job of keeping my toes warm, but I could’ve used some of those toe warmers from REI.

All discomfort was forgotten, though, starting from Rick Warren’s benediction. I was surprised at how many people recited the Lord’s Prayer with him, although some around me were clearly annoyed at it.

My companions were respectful and riveted during the quartet’s performance. We’ve since learned that they “play-synced” to their pre-recorded performance because of the cold. I have no trouble with their Plan B because it made the day perfect.

I’ll never forget the elation of the moment after Obama completed his oath of office. Cheers and tears and lots of jumping up and down and hugging, including perfect strangers. Many people wanted to cheer during Obama’s speech, too, but hushed quickly so as not to miss a single word.

After it ended, the crowds drifted in the same general directions, out toward the Metro stops or to find places to eat. We ended up on 20th and Pennysylvania, a cosmic location because that’s where my sister’s family lives in another California city!

That’s about it for the inauguration blogging. Many more moments are immortalized in my personal journal, but the rest will mush together in my memory. Sometimes it’s best to just experience the experience, rather than worry about documenting every second.

No knitting content because I’ve been grading frantically.



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