Feeling My Age

Okay, so I’m not *that* old. But I’ve been in denial for a long time that this old body can take the same abuse I heaped upon it in college, specifically sleep deprivation. I had counted on powering through my deadline work with almost-all-nighters, but I can’t handle it any more. Gimme some naps! Also, I overestimated my attention span for dozens of less-than-original, teenage interpretations of Huck Finn.

Anyway, time marches on and the work gets done because it has to. Just the same, I’m tired tired tired. Also, I’m bummed that I missed a 365 Project posting. I had a great shot lined up for yesterday, but never got myself down the street to take it because of work.  Oh well, no blood involved. You’ll see it in the next few days.

In the meantime, good night!

Knitting content: yeah, right…



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