13″ PowerBook in the Wild

Kinda esoteric, I know, but this documents a rare sighting of a 13″ Apple PowerBook, last sold about 5 years ago. It’s the closest Apple has ever come to a netbook. The nice lady who indulged me in allowing me to take the picture is the matriarch of a Mac family. Her two teens were with her and they both had new MacBooks. Actually, so did mine. 😉 I saw another one a few months ago in Santa Barbara. The 20-something woman using it had been out of the country for almost two years, so her computer was in great shape. They’re arguably underpowered for today’s programs, but ideal for surfing the web in a compact package.

I’m stretching here, using a 12 day-old photo for today’s blog, but it’s been crazy busy. Now that the new semester has started, I hope to get back into a calmer schedule.

Knitting content: none today, but much anticipated this weekend!



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