Left Side of My Desk

I spend so much time here that I thought I’d document one side of it today. If you click on the picture and run your mouse over the boxes in Flickr, you’ll get my commentary about each item. (And if you actually do this for every note, I’ll be convinced you need a life!) 😉

I’m proudest of (1) my hardworking MacBookPro, whose cover is usually at this angle because I use the monitor for ergonomic reasons, (2) my beloved iPhone that is charging in one of my only two USB ports, and (3) my lovely white cnet mug, a gift from a friend who, sadly, was laid off from there last December.

Knitting content: I talked to someone today about my finished beanies. And I have high hopes for this weekend.


Bookstore Chocolate

Another lazy post because of life busy-ness. I picked this amazing candy bar at the Borders Books checkout counter. Books and dark chocolate – for the win! I’m a little leery of the 59% cacao content, though.

Knitting content: *sigh* maybe this weekend. I did skim the recent Interweave Knits yesterday, if that counts…

Chocolate Cupcakes

Lazy post today. These are all that’s left of the cupcakes I made for DD, who returned to college yesterday. I ❤ chocolate!

I’m wiped out from a meeting at the District Office that filled my brain with lots of ideas for my classes. I also need to prepare for a meeting next Tuesday. Oh yeah, I need to do the usual lesson planning and grading that’s part of my regular teaching schedule. *sigh* It will be a long night. Good thing I have cupcakes….

Knitting content: are you kidding me?

FOs: Baggy Beanies 1 and 2

DH is modeling my two variations of the Baggy Beanie. The first is straight stockinette, so the brim rolls a little, and is only slightly baggier than a regular watch cap.

The second has a short, 4-row 2×2 rib at the brim and is slightly longer, a little more like the pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal’s on the internet. Both were fun to make, taking a little less than 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. I just need to make sure the wearers know not to throw this hat in the washing machine!

Academy Awards are tonight, but the pre-show coverage has already made me slightly ill, so I may not watch at all.

Grafitti Before and After

Our rental house opens onto an alley and has been the target of much tagging of late. The city keeps pestering us to paint it over, which is hard from 50 miles away. You can see where we had already painted some over twice in a lighter green. However, this time DH decided to try to deter future tagging by creating his own masterpiece:

Not bad for using just spray cans, is it!? Next time we visit he plans to paint a surfer coming out of the tube and add a bit more drama in foam and some purple deep inside the tube.

Knitting content: almost finished with the second Baggy Beanie.It’s perfect car knitting and knitting just before falling asleep at night.

Me and My Doggie

This is my submission for today to the 365 Project. I admit to already having missed a few days, but — life gets in the way of art sometimes. Also my camera is such an annoyance to use since I broke the screen on our DC trip. If the state of California ever issues real money for our tax refund, I’ll get a new point-and-shoot camera. My research shows that I’d pay at least $100 to repair a 3 year-old camera, or pay $175 for newer one with more features. I’ll wait for Arnold to come through.

Knitting content: finished one Baggy Beanie and making very slow progress on a second. Two will take a bit less than 4 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.