Tessie’s Choice

For the record, no one calls me Tessie. The allusion is to Sophie’s Choice between her two kids. I LOVE my new do (so does DH), but I miss my old streak. It was such a part of my identity for so long. I totally trust my stylist on what looks good, but ….

It’s like that insurance company commercial where the customer demands both starch and no starch in his shirt at the cleaners and the lady behind the counter insists it’s just not possible to have both at the same time. *shrug* It’s just hair — I can always change it if it really matters. In the meantime, I know it looks great.

No knitting content: went to the school play tonight instead to watch one of my students. He was really funny! He’s my go-to guy for reading out loud. He made John Proctor come alive when we read The Crucible in class.


2 thoughts on “Tessie’s Choice”

  1. It DOES look great! That is a fabulous cut on you lady 🙂 I know what you mean about something being almost a “part” of you. You always rocked the streak too, in my opinion. 🙂

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