Look, Ma – I’m Influential!

This entry on the cnettv.com blog is one of the best (and silliest) honors ever bestowed upon me. As a cnet groupie and fan of all things Tom-Merritt-Molly-Wood-et-al., I’m thrilled to receive recognition for my many moons of asking tech questions and commenting in the chat room and forums. My tour de force was being interviewed (embedded below)  on the Buzz Out Loud Listener Guest Host Show #2 that aired December 29, 2008.  At about 11:00 I geeked out about knitting and iPhones and social networking. My wonderful non-geek family mostly scratches its collective head and says, “That’s nice, dear.””

Sadly, no knitting content. After I got home from work, I had to sleep off a miserable sinus headache.

RogueTess, One of the 25 😉

BOL December 29 episode


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