Valentine Roses

Even though I’m posting on Saturday, DH presented these beauties to me on Friday, the 13th so that we could both enjoy them for several days before and after the Hallmark Holiday. Tonight we’re commemorating it at an annual family party at our church, low-key, fun, and economical. We’re not buying each other jewelry or expensive stuff (although I never say no to fabulous chocolate!).

Trying not to be too cynical or negative, but as nice as it is to celebrate romantic love with a special day, I dislike being told by marketers what to think or feel or buy. To me this day is about acknowledging deeper emotional and spiritual connections with our loved ones. Right now for me that means partnering to fulfill our joint vision to weather “these troubled times.” We want to give our two kids wonderful college experiences and launch them into happy lives on their own. We want to provide enough financial security so we can work at what we love and support our extended families. Mostly we want to enjoy the present and simple daily moments together.

Enough profundity on a lovely weekend day. Get out there and enjoy it!

Knitting content: another inch and a half on the Baggy Beanie. I expect to finish it by Monday night.


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