Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The story behind this lovely comfort lunch on a rainy day is I was inspired by Cami Blackstone’s Munchcast podcast, all about Grilled Cheese. Happily, I had some bread fresh from the breadmaker and organic butter, but sadly no orange cheese. However, I made do with some leftover Brie and snack-size Bonbels that I usually take to work for snacks. Washed down with some Orangina, I considered it quite the cosmopolitan meal.

I had the day off work, but that just meant I didn’t work AT school. Busy day! We had a great surprise when DD called in the early evening and asked us to step outside. She was just getting out of her car for a visit! It’s great to have her home.

Knitting content: finished the gift Baggy Beanie, version 1. Already cast on for a version 2 with a short ribbed edge for an as-yet-undetermined family member.


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