Office Supply Geeky Goodness

This is just some silliness from the folks that brought us the Mentos and Coke Experiment, another classic.  I love office supplies!


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The story behind this lovely comfort lunch on a rainy day is I was inspired by Cami Blackstone’s Munchcast podcast, all about Grilled Cheese. Happily, I had some bread fresh from the breadmaker and organic butter, but sadly no orange cheese. However, I made do with some leftover Brie and snack-size Bonbels that I usually take to work for snacks. Washed down with some Orangina, I considered it quite the cosmopolitan meal.

I had the day off work, but that just meant I didn’t work AT school. Busy day! We had a great surprise when DD called in the early evening and asked us to step outside. She was just getting out of her car for a visit! It’s great to have her home.

Knitting content: finished the gift Baggy Beanie, version 1. Already cast on for a version 2 with a short ribbed edge for an as-yet-undetermined family member.

Tanking Econopoly Board

At last night’s church Family Valentine’s Day party, we won a raffle: this “California Centers Magazine Collector’s Edition” of Monopoly. It’s hee-larious. Notice that the equivalent of Park Place is apparently Passco Properties and right next to it is an admonition to “Fight Split Parcel Tax.” Also, penalties still include “Go to Jail” but also add “Attorneys Fees.” Also, prime properties are not railroads, but brokerages, and instead of aspiring to collect hotels, the winning monopolist will possess multiple shopping centers. Sadly, passing GO still only nets $200.

I’d originally approached last night as a low-key, inexpensive date with my hunny, but had an unexpectedly marvelous time. We met new people, caught up with old friends, ate amazing barbecue, enjoyed homemade desserts, and danced the Macarena for eight minutes straight. OK so the last one was not necessarily a marvelous time. 😉

A few more detail shots of the game:

Happy Sunday!

Valentine Roses

Even though I’m posting on Saturday, DH presented these beauties to me on Friday, the 13th so that we could both enjoy them for several days before and after the Hallmark Holiday. Tonight we’re commemorating it at an annual family party at our church, low-key, fun, and economical. We’re not buying each other jewelry or expensive stuff (although I never say no to fabulous chocolate!).

Trying not to be too cynical or negative, but as nice as it is to celebrate romantic love with a special day, I dislike being told by marketers what to think or feel or buy. To me this day is about acknowledging deeper emotional and spiritual connections with our loved ones. Right now for me that means partnering to fulfill our joint vision to weather “these troubled times.” We want to give our two kids wonderful college experiences and launch them into happy lives on their own. We want to provide enough financial security so we can work at what we love and support our extended families. Mostly we want to enjoy the present and simple daily moments together.

Enough profundity on a lovely weekend day. Get out there and enjoy it!

Knitting content: another inch and a half on the Baggy Beanie. I expect to finish it by Monday night.

Gatsby Brainstorm and Evernote

This was taken in my classroom with my iPhone so I didn’t have to recopy onto a paper (sooo old school!). Students speculated about the meaning of the cover illustration on The Great Gatsby before knowing anything at all about the novel. After we finish reading, we’ll revisit this and they’ll see how accurate they were!

The beauty of a digital photo is I’ve uploaded it to Evernote. Magically, its OCR will recognize my handwriting and I can retrieve it easily by just typing “fireworks” or “tear” or “why” or “special” into the search box. I can’t believe I didn’t write “Gatsby” on the board before taking the picture, though.

I love technology!

Knitting content: made about an inch of progress on the Baggy Beanie. I hope to finish it over the long weekend.

Baggy Beanie


Casting on the Baggy Beanie (scroll down page) by Erssie Major in solid black Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran as a quick gift project on #8 DPNs.  Apparently, slouchy beanies for men are all the rage. I’ll probably have enough yarn for a couple of them. Hmmm, whom do I want to look like a celebrity? DS and DH, of course….

Non-knitting content: had the thrill of having my call taken on a local PBS radio show today! Bonnie Cha of cnet and David Pogue of the NY Times, technology beat, pontificated about smartphones.  I was driving to buy dog food and made an impulse call (using my bluetooth speaker, of course). If you’re curious, look for Patt Morrisson’s show on KPCC or download the Patt Morrison Podcast from iTunes. It’s the Tuesday, February 10, hour 2 show at about 42:25. The segment begins at 25:00. DH wants to know how I can monetize my hobbies, geeky or otherwise. I’m afraid that, if I try, they won’t be fun hobbies anymore….

Obscure Geeky Goodness

This envelope contains my free cnet sticker, the new red logo that does NOT resemble the one on the envelope, ironically. It arrived in today’s mail. If you are not as ridiculously excited as I am about this, you are in the 99.99999% majority of humanity. But if you get it, you probably have already blogged about it. Suffice it to say for the 99 etc % that it’s related to the cnet internet network and my favorite podcasts, including Buzz Out Loud, Buzz Report, Loaded, CNET Live, Top Five, Real Deal, and the list goes on.

Knitting content: a little progress on Wrapigan. I’ll probably have to wind another skein into a center pull ball tomorrow or the next day. Even though I had the day off school, I still worked. Wish I got paid by the hour….