New Braces?

Can’t see them, can you? That’s because they’re “Invisaligns”. I’m amazed at how comfortable they are. But then again, I’m used to a night guard. They made something like 2 dozen plus sets of uppers and lowers designed to be worn for two weeks each, just as metal braces would be adjusted every month. But these are removable for eating or drinking anything other than water. They feel tight right now but will loosen up as my teeth slowly align, then I’ll switch to the next set. With each new set I’m told to expect a half-day or more of soreness.

Being a lot less obtrusive and painful, they cost more than metal braces, but my correction is such that I won’t have to wear them more than a few months longer than metal braces. I have a tiny lisp, but that would’ve been true for metal braces, too. Fortunately, my dental insurance covers part of the cost.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased. Tune in, though, in a few months. I’ll have to carry the case and a travel toothbrush everywhere. Brushing and care, like for dentures, are also involved. Still — I think I made the right choice for me.

Knitting content: I made more progress on the Wrapigan, almost to the next sleevehole and ending the short rows.


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