Epic Autograph

I was internet star-struck last night at the Buzz Out Loud meetup at the Edison Downtown in LA. Tom Merritt was kind enough to autograph the sleeve for my Starbucks gift card. It’s totally ripped off from the Twitter Fail Whale! (If this is gibberish to you, sorry for the internet geeking-out, but … well, that’s who I am.) I requested this and Tom complied with the appropriate sense of whimsy and irony. I’m *not* a completely obsessed fangirl. Truly I’m not. Truly….

Knitting content: I was trolling for compliments on my Twisted Float Cardigan and indulgent BOL-ers graciously obliged. Also, I got a few rows knitted of my Imagine sweater for DD during the Friday-night-LA-stop-and-go-traffic on the way to the Edison. Many thanks again to darthweef, Mrs. darthweef, and phatemokid for being awesome traveling companions.


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