Fremont Plurkup

I’m late posting this (life gets in the way!), but it’s the first of the Saturday meetup among buddies from Plurk, the social networking site that has a superior interface to Twitter. (Don’t get me started on how the recent flood of celebrities like Oprah and Ashton Kutcher is messing up my sandbox. Grrrr.)

From left to right, G is a gamer and pagan priestess extraordinaire, A (resident plurkwit) and J are parents to the precocious little J, my awesome DH’s head is right above mine, and K (internet celebrity sibling 😉 ) and S are the cutest couple EVAH!

Next time I visit the Bay Area I want to organize or attend another informal meetup for whoever is around, maybe closer to SF-Oakland. This one was fun! More pix will follow as my time frees up.

Knitting content: made lots of progress on the sekrit knitting (sshh) but it involved frogging and recounting.

Have a great week!


Easter Break

Here’s where I am spending the end of my Spring Break, at my mom’s house. This view of the South Bay looking toward the hangars of Moffett Field is from her street. The views below are from on the road driving up.

It’s been good but stressful, trying to get banking and shopping and planning done in a short visit, but I’ll be back in a few months.

My treat to myself is a cnet/Plurk/Twitter meetup tomorrow with just a few new and old friends. Can’t wait! There will be pix…

Knitting content: Imagine is back home, awaiting blocking. Made lots of progress on a new sekrit knitting for a gift. Shhh! Also brought … (I’m counting bags) … four, count ’em four other projects in case I experience knitting ADD. A Kid Silk Haze cardigan (almost done with the back, requires sooo much attention); a pair of pink socks from a Cure for Breast Cancer fundraiser about 3 years ago; the Wrapigan (almost ready for sleeves); and a yet-to-cast-on Bibi in Noro Lily Multi. I wish vacation were longer!

Happy Easter Eggs!

Indirectly thanks to Twitter (tweet by Brian Tong of cnet) and, I tried a new dyeing technique. Sadly I only had one color (violet) when I thought I had more, but it wasn’t worth another trip to the store for variety. After hardboiling the eggs, I rolled to create various degrees of all-over cracks in the shells, then put them in a diluted paste dye mixture of cold water and let them sit in the fridge overnight. My Flickr set entitled Easter Eggs chronicles the rinsing, peeling, and photographing process.

These are the eggs before shelling:

These are some of the shells after removal:

Knitting content: I plan to make great progress on Imagine on the car ride to DH’s family Easter Egg Hunt and dinner.

Happy Easter, Sunday, weekend, all!

View at Lunch

DH and I shared a burrito and this view of the Oceanside Pier today at lunch. I LOVE living in California! There’s a Ruby’s Diner at the end of the pier and lots of people fish along its entire length.

Knitting content: completed a few rows of the last sleeve of Imagine (had to frog about 30 rows – don’t ask) on the car ride.

Have a lovely Easter weekend!

Dusty Turns 11

A couple of days late, but I’m posting that Dusty turned 11! His birthday was Wednesday, April 8. You see in the picture a peanut butter bone cake from Three Dog Bakery. I wish we could get things for him there more than once a year, but … oh well. These troubled times…

Knitting content: attended a Knit Night for the first time in weeks last night and caught up with knitbuds as well as perused the latest Cookie A sock book. Who knew it was possible to lust over sock patterns?!

Happy Good Friday and Easter!