Fremont Plurkup

I’m late posting this (life gets in the way!), but it’s the first of the Saturday meetup among buddies from Plurk, the social networking site that has a superior interface to Twitter. (Don’t get me started on how the recent flood of celebrities like Oprah and Ashton Kutcher is messing up my sandbox. Grrrr.)

From left to right, G is a gamer and pagan priestess extraordinaire, A (resident plurkwit) and J are parents to the precocious little J, my awesome DH’s head is right above mine, and K (internet celebrity sibling 😉 ) and S are the cutest couple EVAH!

Next time I visit the Bay Area I want to organize or attend another informal meetup for whoever is around, maybe closer to SF-Oakland. This one was fun! More pix will follow as my time frees up.

Knitting content: made lots of progress on the sekrit knitting (sshh) but it involved frogging and recounting.

Have a great week!

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