Star Trek


No spoilers, I promise.

I sneaked away to a mid-week afternoon showing of Star Trek at the local IMAX theater. All I can say is OMG!  I went alone, but felt like I was among my peeps. The first geek sighting was a slightly dumpy-shapped guy in a yellow Star Fleet uniform. And 10 minutes before showtime, the primo rows were filled (near the top, dead center). In the row in front of me sat a distinguished-looking bald gentleman with stylish glasses whom I was convinced was @darthweef, who’d escaped the boss to re-watch the movie after all, but alas no.  His companion took the above photo of the IMAX screen before the movie started.  The geek-who’d-left-her-iPhone-in-the-car-by-mistake in me tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she would mind e-mailing the photo to me and she very generously obliged, so I have another souvenir besides my ticket stub. 🙂

Then, right at showtime, the guy behind me declared loudly “Showtime!” But when no announcements seemed forthcoming, he complained to his companion that this was the second time this week the IMAX movie didn’t start on time, so he CALLED the theater and spoke to someone who could do something.  Moments later we could hear the phone ringing in the projectionist booth. I kid you not!  The guys to my left exchanged amused glances with me and I stage-whispered, “I love geeks!”

From the first moment of the IMAX propaganda roll, I was absorbed. Well, actually, first I had to fashion earplugs from a Kleenex because I can’t handle the seriously high volume of surroundsound. THEN I was absorbed.  No plot discussion here. I just need to express my appreciation for the (predictably) wonderful effects and action and also for the true-to-the-original feel and relationships of the movie. I will definitely be seeing it again.

Knitting content: I brought my Wrapigan, but only finished about half a row before the lights went down. I packed it up really well, so I had no dangling yarn as I did when I saw The Dark Knight. That was awkward….

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