Geek Stalking

This morning I met a geek celebrity at my local Starbucks!

While listening to Episode 196 of Security Now,  a podcast co-hosted by Leo LaPorte, I heard the host, Steve Gibson, a computer security expert, describe his day — coding for 12 hours at his neighborhood Starbucks, which was MY Starbucks. He gave details about his full-size keyboard that clicked and clacked, and how he enjoyed the bustle of the coffeehouse.  So, this morning, I spotted a gentleman in the corner with a full-size keyboard. I introduced myself and, indeed, it was Steve Gibson! He was very gracious as I went on and on about tech in the high school where I work and my first computer, a KayPro. But — how fun is that!?

Knitting content: first DNA Scarf completed and awaiting blocking! It took about 1-3/4 skeins of Cascade 220 in a medium blue colorway. The second will be a muted olive green. Just cast on another Clapotis in a vibrant purple Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend. Pix to come.

And, oh yeah, I have grading to do!


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