Birthday Flowers

Long time, no post. Here are the flowers that greeted me when I awoke. DH had picked them from our very own yard and arranged them along with preparing a lovely birthday breakfast. That’s his card, with the endangered species ironic greeting on it.

I’d wanted to use this post to catch up on the last few months, but now I find it daunting, so here are the headlines.

August: amazing Costa Rica trip to Playa Grande near Tamarindo with our good friends, devastating news of Stage 4 cancer in DH’s mom, DS turned 19.

September: school resumed (huge class sizes but new course that I designed), DD flew off to London until June, DS moved back to college, DH’s mom in and out of the hospital, family adapting her house for her care, Back to School night at school, some of my voicemails played on Buzz Out Loud.

October: DH’s mom resumes chemo, DH super busy at work with upcoming trials, my birthday, major college reunion coming up

Ok – now I’m tired 😉 More to come as I regain energy, and hopefully time.

Knitting content: shamefully little! I’m on the sleeves of the Wrapigan and just ordered myself a birthday kit– the Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl from Stitch Diva in the Poison Eggplant colorway of Studio Silk. Can’t wait for it!