All My Grading

This photo is of the sum total of the grading I must finish from finals, including five sets of essays, plus one short answer final, plus four sets of short answer sections with three questions each. Ugh.

I just returned from a lovely retirement party for a teaching colleague. I’m jealous that such stacks will be behind her. Okay, enough whning. Time to hunker down and git ‘er done!


Sekrit Stuff

Three days in a row! That’s how often I’ve had a delivery left on our porch. This intentionally nondescript shot is of the inside of the latest, the details of which must remain sekrit until the lifting of my NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in few weeks or so. Suffice it to say I’m fired up!

Back to grading….

My Very Own Alice

The UPS guy visited me two days in a row! Today he brought my my first shipment from I’m trying it out for price and convenience. It’s a catalog site that carries many national brands of common household consumables, including detergent, shampoo, paper goods, pantry foods. I ordered tissues, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, gum, feminine products and plastic wrap. Most items had a coupon discount. All were brands I’ve used in the past. Put free shipping into the equation and I think we have a winner.

Call me superficial, but I love the blue box. Also, the spillables (both detergents) were carefully placed in separate ziplock plastic bags, which I will reuse. No packing peanuts either, just air-filled plastic pouches. A final nice feature is a calendar reminder feature on the website that will help you order BEFORE you run out of suff. Just like my very own Alice (cf “The Brady Bunch”).

Replacement Lumix

Look what the UPS man (yes, it was a guy today) brought us!  It’s a replacement for the Lumix I purchased in November at a wonderful discounted tech event that happens every year at the OCDE. Sadly, DS managed to jam the lens mechanism, but happily it was well within the first 30 days. It took until now to get it replaced, but ultimately, Panasonic gets props for living up to their warranty.

In other news, yes, I LOVE the idea of the new Apple tablet product, but I HATE the name. You will not hear it cross my lips. I will definitely wait for version 2.0.  Then, if I win the lottery, or give up my iPhone, I would consider getting the souped up 3G version with the most memory. But my Hackintosh gives me more functionality with a full-featured OS (Snow Leopard), and my iPhone gives me portability so I have no need today.  In the meantime, here’s the best parody video I’ve seen so far. Kudos to MadTV!

iPad Parody

Practical Pretties

I’m the first to acknowledge that sometimes my love for office supplies goes too far. That said, where have these been all my life! These rubber bands are 7″ and sturdy enough to contain a class set of essays without breaking. Plus they’re pink and blue! And, as highlighted in the top left corner, come in a “Handy Resealable Zip Bag.” My handy resealable bag of 50 should last me several years, I hope. Did I also mention that I’m a pack rat?

Okay, back to grading….

Oh yes, since this is a Mac Mystery Product-free zone, I will refrain from mentioning that it’s Major Announcement Eve. And, since I’ll be proctoring a final during Steve Jobs’ big event, I will avoid the liveblogging that will preempt EVERYTHING else on the internet and just wait for the fan sites to tell me what to think.

Same Shot, Different Day

Remember my pretty shiny kitchen? Well, this is the same shot, one day later, about 6:30 p.m. with the power out. Apparently it went out around 7:30 a.m. due to equipment failure while I was at work and, despite the fact that there was power at the pool ACROSS THE STREET, our house didn’t get it back until almost 7:00 p.m.  SCE fail!

Okay, time to resume grading. I hate hate hate unexpected delays like this. Grrrrr.

Knitting content: well, if the truth be told, I got about 3 inches done on the Mistake Rib Scarf in front of the blazing hot fire in the fireplace with my doggie at my feet. Life is not all bad.

The Power of Procrastination

This has been an incredibly busy and productive grading weekend, what with finals week (and a bazillion essays) imminent. I have punctuated my work with cleaning my kitchen. It has never been so sparkling! This may never happen again, so here’s my picture for today. 😉

DH and I have been training ourselves to place dirty dishes directly in the dishwasher, and that’s helped tremendously. Also, my reluctance to use any extra dishes has led to an unintended benefit of cutting down on snacking. Hopefully, excess poundage will start to melt away, too. I’ve seen a little shift, but nothing to celebrate … yet.

No knitting content, sadly.