Favorite Stir Fry

I did our first major grocery shop since returning from vacation. On the day we returned we just bought essentials. I love me my fresh veggies. This is one of my favorite stir fry combinations. (Is it artistic that the shot is blurred or just sloppy? Hmmmm.)

Stir fry always evokes great memories for me. I made it all the time in my wok during law school, one of the favorite meals DH and I shared during our courtship. One difference is we always used broccoli back in the day and plain soy sauce instead of Yoshida’s Sauce. Also, we’re both trying to cut down on unnecessary carbs. He’s weaned himself off white rice. But I’m Asian. Impossible!

DD skyped us today that she just got a juicer and a book of recipes. She’s really trying to eat more natural and healthy. It’s a wonderful and contagious habit.  Maybe I should pull out our juicer again.

Knitting content: Just a few rows on the Cranberry Clapotis. It’s such a busy time at work. Plus I’m dealing with this silly allergy testing and it takes a lot out of me.


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