Wishful Knitting

Today’s 365 photo is the knitting I have NOT been able to work on lately. Work (winding up to the end of the semester) and life (lots of doctors’ appointments) have been getting in the way. This project is my 8th Clapotis, this time out of a lovely cranberry sock yarn from a wonderful local yarn store, a souvenir of our fabulous family vacation just a few weeks ago. Just as scents propelled Proust into “remembrance of things past,” textures and colors of luscious yarn evoke in me memories of wandering London’s circuitous streets and alleys, discovering treasures like I Knit London and the nearby pub, The Camel and Artichoke.  On the other hand, I prefer NOT to remember this was the project the Virgin Atlantic gate agents ruined by taking away my Addi Turbos (circular knitting needles). Very grumpy-making, but I’m actually over it. It could’ve been worse. For example, my name could be on a No-Fly list like this poor little guy.

So, once again, I find myself counting my blessings. I have a three-day weekend coming up (thank you for having been awesome, Martin Luther King, Jr.!), so maybe I can make time for what’s really important… like knitting.

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