Snack Record in Evernote

My not-so-new favorite tech thing is Evernote, my “brain in the cloud.” I can upload ANYTHING to my Evernote account (I paid for premium $45/year) and it is searchable by title or key word or date or location (geotagging), including searching for text in photos! So, that resource, combined with my carrying my camera or iPhone (with camera) everywhere I go, makes it possible for me to upload and store and retrieve virtually anything I see every day.

Today I shopped at Whole Foods for frozen non-dairy desserts. My current favorites are Rice Dream and Purely Decadent (Coconut Milk). Somehow the little goodie in today’s photo found its way into my shopping cart. Naturally I had to shoot a photo and upload it to Evernote with a note about how it ranked. Surprisingly spicy, delightfully airy and crunchy. So now I can retrieve that info from the web via my iPhone in any grocery store I may frequent. Brilliant!

Knitting content: a couple of rows on Clapotis last night before sleeping. Every little bit counts.


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