Not Hail

My post title comes from the fact that today’s picture was almost hail. I took several shots of itty bitty hailstones that remained on the sidewalk at school 2-3 hours after falling this afternoon. (Well, it was interesting at the time.) However, when I looked at the pictures, they were supremely uninteresting. Flat, lacking in detail, texture, variations in color or anything.

So, on the way to dinner at El Ranchito tonight, while DS was driving, I shot lots of random scenes through the window, including another terrible shot involving flash inside the car. You don’t want to know….  What I finally settled on was the above shot of traffic lights reflected on the rainy street. Not perfect, but better.

OK, off to rest up for the grading marathon that will be this weekend. Knitting? Yeah, right….


2 thoughts on “Not Hail”

  1. ARe you talking about the little white objects between the 200 and 700 buildings? I thought they were hail, too. On closer inspection, I found out that they were not ice, but some hard rock-like substance. I think they must have washed off the roof. Think they will be there on Monday?

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