Replacement Lumix

Look what the UPS man (yes, it was a guy today) brought us!  It’s a replacement for the Lumix I purchased in November at a wonderful discounted tech event that happens every year at the OCDE. Sadly, DS managed to jam the lens mechanism, but happily it was well within the first 30 days. It took until now to get it replaced, but ultimately, Panasonic gets props for living up to their warranty.

In other news, yes, I LOVE the idea of the new Apple tablet product, but I HATE the name. You will not hear it cross my lips. I will definitely wait for version 2.0.  Then, if I win the lottery, or give up my iPhone, I would consider getting the souped up 3G version with the most memory. But my Hackintosh gives me more functionality with a full-featured OS (Snow Leopard), and my iPhone gives me portability so I have no need today.  In the meantime, here’s the best parody video I’ve seen so far. Kudos to MadTV!

iPad Parody

3 thoughts on “Replacement Lumix”

  1. funny thing is that MadTV skit is like 3 years old… The thing that comes to my mind when I figured out this ridiculous name was not a joke is “REALLY!?! with Seth and Amy” from SNL.

    I guess no one at Apple HQ watches night time tv 😉

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