Day 1 of Pendant Experiment

Without going into a ton of detail, this is my new energy pendant. I will blog in the future about whether/how it affects my quality of life. I just wanted to document that today marks Day 1 of my wearing it. More details later as (hopefully) my skepticism decreases and positive results increase.

Today was a mostly wonderful day filled with family and food (Applebee’s) and transatlantic skype calls. I wish it had been more productive in terms of work, though. OTOH, I always wish that….

Knitting content: I completed one whole Pink Ribbon Sock and one repeat of 3 on the cuff pattern of the second before the Olympic cauldron was extinguished, but, alas, I did not earn my gold medal for the 2010 Knitting Olympics. Oh well, next time! My next goal is to finish the second sock by the end of March so I can wear them before the weather gets too warm.

The One That Got Away

I had such ambitions for today’s 365 photo and blog post. I had planned to meet up with some BOL/cnet friends in San Francisco, but that fell through. (It’s a long story that will probably unfold over the next few weeks.) So no planned happy group shot. Then I spotted a fabulous early evening full moon over Mission Peak shot, but I didn’t have my camera with me in the car. So no impromptu fleeing moment in nature shot. Instead, all I could come up with was this admittedly feeble Photo Booth shot of my Clapotis in progress. I re-started this after the evil Virgin Atlantic gate trolls made me pull it off my Addi Turbos knitting needles leaving Heathrow, but haven’t worked on it much since January. I should have — it’s such a familiar and soothing pattern. This is my 8th: Mom-in-law, Recycled Sari Silk for me, my mom, DH’s ailing former girlfriend (another long story), sister, Natali DelConte, Molly Wood, and this one from London Christmas souvenir sock yarn.

I reluctantly concede defeat in the Knitting Olympics. Closing ceremonies are tomorrow and I’ve only just turned the heel on my first sock. Oh well, maybe in the Summer of 2012!

Bargain Earbuds

Look what I got in the mail today! Last week, on a tip from The Cheapskate at, I ordered these earbuds with volume control. I needed a black pair to live in my ScotteVest hoodie so I could keep my regular earbuds in my purse. The sound is surprisingly good for the price, $9.99. I swapped out the black earpieces for purple and I’m one happy puppy. I’m flying to visit my mom tomorrow, the inaugural trip for my hoodie and gadgets. I’m sure my report will be positive.

Window in the Clouds

The sky above Newport reminded DS of yesterday, when he went tandem skydiving for the first time! He said they had to watch the sky and wait for a window in the clouds before they could go up for their jumps. And even in the plane, apparently they had to pick their moments for an optimum jump. He called it the most incredible experience of his life.

As a mom, I was excited and happy for him, but actually prefer not to hear too many details.

Knitting content: I turned the heel on my first Pink Ribbon sock! I love that magical step that makes it look like it would actually fit on a foot.

Gluten-Free Pasta

My half-hearted attempts to eat gluten-free got a boost today with this recommendation from a friend. Tinkyada rice pasta is supposed to be the best tasting and least mushy of the gluten-free pastas. I posted this picture for easy access when I’m shopping so I have no excuse to avoid buying gluten-free ingredients. *sigh*

By coincidence, another friend posted this recipe for Gluten-Free Brazilian Cheese Buns. I’ll need to buy the special tapioca flour, but I’m eager to try variations on these buns.

Knitting content: almost ready to start the heel on the first of my Pink Ribbon Socks. At this rate I won’t “medal” in the Knitting Olympics, but maybe I’ll have a spurt in the final laps.

Piano Sanctuary

I didn’t make it outside much today (feeling under the weather), so here’s an inside picture.

This is the piano corner of our living room, an artistic sanctuary. Our pride and joy is a Steinway upright from about the late 40’s/early 50’s. The music books are two of mine from elementary and high school. Yes, I’m a packrat.

Above the piano are framed posters from most of DD’s high school theater and dance productions. The one hiding behind the potted plant is from Carnegie Hall, a choir performance in which I also took part with DD. It was a dream come true.

The center item is a gold-hued LP of John Lennon’s Imagine that DH bought an an auction for sentimental reasons. It’s all the more poignant for me this year because of the cast of Glee‘s rendition on TV that included a deaf alumnus of the high school where I teach. Also, a group of us will be performing “Imagine” in our faculty variety show next month.

I wish I had more time to play piano, but at least it’s handy.

Knitting content: I’m behind on my schedule for Olympic knitting, but I hope to catch up on the weekend.

After Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, represents the last big, indulgent blowout party before fasting during the season of Lent that begins on Ash Wednesday. The media is filled with news of Mardi Gras celebrations today, so I thought I’d go in a different direction and anticipate tomorrow. It felt timely because this little cross in the picture has been pushing itself into my days lately. It’s a crucifix modeled after the Chapel Cross in Mustard Seed Communities in Kingston, Jamaica. DH and DS volunteered there for a few weeks in July 2007, helping to rebuild the chapel and otherwise repair housing for developmentally disabled children and AIDS patients. It’s an amazing ministry to the neediest of Jamaica’s and Nicaragua’s children. So, to me, the cross is meaningful … and pretty!

Knitting content: I finished just one more ribbon repeat on my Pink Ribbon Socks. I’ll have to wait for the weekend for more substantial progress.

Valentine’s Day Brunch

This is the best of the very few pictures I took from our wonderful Valentine’s Day Brunch at the Daily Grill. I got so excited I forgot to take any of the main event. I had the Crab Cakes Benedict and DH had the Spanish Scramble. We also enjoyed mimosas and freshly squeezed orange juice. Very filling, but not over-filling, which is how we want to be living our lives.