More Than Meets the Eye

Look what the UPS guy brought me today! My Scott eVest Ultimate Hoodie Fleece in size XS! The left photo is before and the right is after loading it up. You can see my pink earbuds; they are connected to my iPhone in the bottom left pocket and some pocket change. The earbuds travel up the PAN (Personal Area Network), kept in place by a system of unobtrusive velcro and elastic loops. In the bottom right pocket I have a water bottle and my car key and house key on a little bungee. There’s also an empty pocket-change-size pocket in there. Along the right seam is another zippered pocket that fits my regular keychain with school keys and keys to the other cars. In the left breast pocket I’m carrying (wait for it) my wallet, two pens, and my glasses. On the left sleeve is a pocket exactly right for my camera (which I’m obviously holding in the photos). It’s magic!

I’m about to head to a meeting in which I will experiment and NOT take my purse at all. If I take out the water bottle (there will be bottles at the meeting), I can fit my braces case and even my inhaler. I may even put some sticky notes in there for good measure.

I will continue to report. I have yet to find the 11th pocket. I have a feeling I may not take this off … ever!


One thought on “More Than Meets the Eye”

  1. congrats! they are soooo cool! I lose things in mine, cuz there are so many pockets. So handy to use. Glad you like yours! Looks nice, too!

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