Gluten-Free Pasta

My half-hearted attempts to eat gluten-free got a boost today with this recommendation from a friend. Tinkyada rice pasta is supposed to be the best tasting and least mushy of the gluten-free pastas. I posted this picture for easy access when I’m shopping so I have no excuse to avoid buying gluten-free ingredients. *sigh*

By coincidence, another friend posted this recipe for Gluten-Free Brazilian Cheese Buns. I’ll need to buy the special tapioca flour, but I’m eager to try variations on these buns.

Knitting content: almost ready to start the heel on the first of my Pink Ribbon Socks. At this rate I won’t “medal” in the Knitting Olympics, but maybe I’ll have a spurt in the final laps.

3 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Pasta”

  1. Mother’s Market would be my first guess for where to find the tapioca flour. Other potential places I can think of: Whole Foods, Henry’s, or Sprouts. Let me know how they are if/when you make them!

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