Day 1 of Pendant Experiment

Without going into a ton of detail, this is my new energy pendant. I will blog in the future about whether/how it affects my quality of life. I just wanted to document that today marks Day 1 of my wearing it. More details later as (hopefully) my skepticism decreases and positive results increase.

Today was a mostly wonderful day filled with family and food (Applebee’s) and transatlantic skype calls. I wish it had been more productive in terms of work, though. OTOH, I always wish that….

Knitting content: I completed one whole Pink Ribbon Sock and one repeat of 3 on the cuff pattern of the second before the Olympic cauldron was extinguished, but, alas, I did not earn my gold medal for the 2010 Knitting Olympics. Oh well, next time! My next goal is to finish the second sock by the end of March so I can wear them before the weather gets too warm.


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