Everything Relates

It’s fitting that, given my current obsession with Doctor Who, all things British would jump out at me. This is the restaurant at my gate at San Jose International, awaiting my return flight. I had a lovely and productive visit at my mom’s house, but I need to be home now.

Knitting content: during my flight I managed a few rows on my London Christmas souvenir sock yarn Clapotis. I learned the hard way never to bring a sock project with double-pointed needles while traveling. (Can you say bleachers?) It’s too easy to lose one of the five, and you need all five.


2 thoughts on “Everything Relates”

  1. Doctor Who is a good obsession to have…especially the ones starring David Tennant! I’m so glad that it was all filmed around here (Cardiff) as my kids get so excited when we pass any of the film locations.

    I wish I could knit or crochet on flights. I flew out of the country (and back again, obviously!!) twice last year, and wasn’t allowed to take my crafty things in my hand luggage on any of them. I’m tempted to give a go to taking a ball of yarn and a bamboo crochet hook next time though. I mean, people are allowed to take pencils, and I would have thought they’re far more threatening than a bamboo crochet hook!

  2. Hi Jennie – I learned the hard way that you can’t take knitting needles on flights out of Heathrow. 😦 We visited London at Christmas, before my obssesion began, so I didn’t hit the Doctor Who meccas then. We’ll make sure to visit Cardiff, too, on our next visit.

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