Persian New Year Lunch

Today the Iranian parents’ association at the high school where I teach treated the staff to a wonderful luncheon for Persian New Year. These are just two of the tables displaying the traditional celebration items and as well as arts and crafts. I should have taken pictures of the food too, but … oh well. We had some lovely lamb kebabs, marinated chicken, rice, grilled tomatoes, several green and delicious side dishes, as well as various cookies and pastries for dessert. All this was served on real plates with silverware and cloth napkins. Classay!  The highlight was a brief cultural presentation that included a slide show of beautiful scenes from Iran and a performance on a Persian version of a hammer dulcimer. After everyone left, I asked to try it. But it was tuned differently from mind, so I sounded a little silly. All in all a fabulous time that was over way too quickly.

Knitting content: I took a break from the socks to finish a few rows of my Clapotis. Got to my first two drops — I LOVE dropping stitches on purpose!


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