Gluten-Free Banana Muffins

Thanks to King Arthur’s new Gluten-Free Flour, I was able to make a guilt-free batch of wonderful Banana Muffins. I adapted them slightly by replacing the 1/2 c sour cream with applesauce. They are lovely and moist, and both DH and I adore them.

When I learned of this new product line (thanks, Amanda!), I went a little nuts and ordered the Bread Mix and Pancake Mix, too. They came with a page of instructions for helping the products to rise properly. I’m actually looking forward to experimenting. I’ve been generally unhappy with the taste of gluten-free products, so I’m determined to master baking tasty treats on my own. I’ll keep you posted.

Knitting content: I learned the hard way that I’d dropped a stitch in my first Pink Ribbon sock AFTER I’d finished it. It’s nothing a few sewn stitches can’t fix; it’s just annoying that I didn’t catch it earlier.