Big Hair

Today’s picture is of my big hair. As I mentioned previously, it requires washing, moussing, braiding into 8 braids close to my head, sleeping on it, drying in the morning, unbraiding, taming with a claw clip while at work, then blowdrying as big as possible right before call time, spraying 90 bazillion layers of hair spray throughout, scrunching with my hands, then getting creative with photo angles in the the bathroom mirror. Whew! I can handle this for 3 days every 3 years, but that’s it.

Tonight we were warned against the “Second Night Blues” where the show’s energy is likely to drop after the euphoria of Opening Night. However, except for some drama that involved another teacher in some of my numbers, it actually went quite smoothly and the audience went wild. They actually started clapping in rhythm AND waving their iPhones with lighters during “Imagine”! Students are awesome!

I’m breaking my gluten-free diet for a Pepperidge Farms Apple Turnover. Happy Weekend to all!

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