March 21, 2010 Historic Health Care Reform

Hooray for America! It’s not perfect and the process was far from pretty, but we made a start on universal access to health care! These shots are off our TV at the historic moment.

I’m posting a day late because I was so pooped this weekend, but this event deserves its own post.


Closing Night

This is (almost) the entire cast and crew. DH took this picture on Opening Night, but I’m too pooped to post pix I actually took from today. Suffice it to say that it was a fun and energetic time. Some numbers were better tonight than before and some were a little rougher, but it was all good! I’m really happy my sister and brother-in-law got to see it tonight. One teacher’s spouse filmed almost the entire performance and we got to watch it together at the cast party. I had NO idea of some of the antics out there while I was doing a quick change or hanging out in the green room. I can’t wait for the professionally produced video.

All in all, it was a fabulous experience and I’m REALLY glad it’s over. I expect it will take me at least three good washings to get all the goop out of my big hair. Good night, all….

Update: for the sake of posterity and the 365 Project, here are two photos I actually took today. They are of the first 4 kids in line for seats at 6 p.m. for a 7 p.m. show and three of the laboring oars in our green room.

Big Hair

Today’s picture is of my big hair. As I mentioned previously, it requires washing, moussing, braiding into 8 braids close to my head, sleeping on it, drying in the morning, unbraiding, taming with a claw clip while at work, then blowdrying as big as possible right before call time, spraying 90 bazillion layers of hair spray throughout, scrunching with my hands, then getting creative with photo angles in the the bathroom mirror. Whew! I can handle this for 3 days every 3 years, but that’s it.

Tonight we were warned against the “Second Night Blues” where the show’s energy is likely to drop after the euphoria of Opening Night. However, except for some drama that involved another teacher in some of my numbers, it actually went quite smoothly and the audience went wild. They actually started clapping in rhythm AND waving their iPhones with lighters during “Imagine”! Students are awesome!

I’m breaking my gluten-free diet for a Pepperidge Farms Apple Turnover. Happy Weekend to all!

Opening Night

What a most excellent time! And what a fabulous audience! The students really loved seeing us staff in all our amateur performing glory. These are my three favorite shots taken by DH from the fourth row. The red top is the from “Dancing Through the Decades” and the turquoise jacket is my brief solo moment in “Imagine/Walking on Sunshine/Proud Mary” from “Glee.” I’m in the yellow jacket in our Hip Hop number. I hope there is some good video of all the acts because everyone did an awesome job. The “Thriller” number in particular had fabulous costumes. Two more nights! Okay, time to shower, re-mousse my hair to make it Flashdance-worthy, then collapse and go to school tomorrow morning.

Knitting content: hahahahahaha!

Dress Rehearsal

Tonight was the Dress Rehearsal for our triennial (every three years?) Faculty Follies, a fun and nerve-wracking fundraiser that truly forges bonds among the staff at my school. What’s wonderful about the shirt pictured above that we received tonight, which we will wear at school tomorrow to publicize the show (even though it’s already sold out), is that all staff members who participated, both on stage and behind the scenes, are featured equally. It’s been really fun preparing, but I will be so glad when it’s over and even gladder that it’s only every three years. This year I get to dance in two numbers and sing in two numbers, although one of the latter has some dance in it as well.

There’s an old theater adage: “bad dress (rehearsal), good show.” Since our dress was fraught with problems, I expect this show to be incredible!  😉 Seriously, even though it will be far from polished, I know the students will love seeing another side of their teachers and I absolutely know that it will be a ton of fun.

There’s another favorite saying of motivational speakers that “Life is not a dress rehearsal” or some such. I get the message that we should go all out in this one life. But, on the other hand, life IS rehearsal for the next moment in that we learn from our experiences what to do (or not to do) the “next time.” What I learned from this Follies is to save my energy for numbers I really love, to avoid the drama (we’re no longer in junior high, folks), to be realistic about how much work I can accomplish after rehearsals, and to time my lessons so that I can show a movie on Friday. 😉

Knitting content: yeah, I need to learn to be realistic about that, too. I’m still on the toe of my last Pink Ribbon sock.

Leg Warmers

Today’s photo revisits a shot from years ago (no energy at the moment to research exactly when) upon my completing knitting these leg warmers for DD. I pulled them out from her dance gear drawer to use for my costume in a Faculty Follies number called Dancing Through the Decades. I’m wearing them with dark leggings and an oversized, ripped up sweatshirt that’s supposed to be reminiscent of Flashdance. I also need to figure out how to do the big curly hair from the late 70’s-early 80’s. Also, fingerless gloves for breakdancing are another feature. I mustn’t go overboard, though!

Knitting content: see above 😉

Gluten-Free Banana Muffins

Thanks to King Arthur’s new Gluten-Free Flour, I was able to make a guilt-free batch of wonderful Banana Muffins. I adapted them slightly by replacing the 1/2 c sour cream with applesauce. They are lovely and moist, and both DH and I adore them.

When I learned of this new product line (thanks, Amanda!), I went a little nuts and ordered the Bread Mix and Pancake Mix, too. They came with a page of instructions for helping the products to rise properly. I’m actually looking forward to experimenting. I’ve been generally unhappy with the taste of gluten-free products, so I’m determined to master baking tasty treats on my own. I’ll keep you posted.

Knitting content: I learned the hard way that I’d dropped a stitch in my first Pink Ribbon sock AFTER I’d finished it. It’s nothing a few sewn stitches can’t fix; it’s just annoying that I didn’t catch it earlier.