Persian New Year Lunch

Today the Iranian parents’ association at the high school where I teach treated the staff to a wonderful luncheon for Persian New Year. These are just two of the tables displaying the traditional celebration items and as well as arts and crafts. I should have taken pictures of the food too, but … oh well. We had some lovely lamb kebabs, marinated chicken, rice, grilled tomatoes, several green and delicious side dishes, as well as various cookies and pastries for dessert. All this was served on real plates with silverware and cloth napkins. Classay!  The highlight was a brief cultural presentation that included a slide show of beautiful scenes from Iran and a performance on a Persian version of a hammer dulcimer. After everyone left, I asked to try it. But it was tuned differently from mind, so I sounded a little silly. All in all a fabulous time that was over way too quickly.

Knitting content: I took a break from the socks to finish a few rows of my Clapotis. Got to my first two drops — I LOVE dropping stitches on purpose!


All Stars

Today I bought these amazing Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars White Hi Tops using an excuse that only comes around every three years: it’s for the Faculty Follies! (Oh, and the socks were on sale.) One of my numbers is a group hip hop dance where we need to wear white athletic shoes. I didn’t have any (I don’t really do “athletic”). My MBT walking shoes are gray and unsuitable for dancing. So, off to Footlocker I went to indulge in a little Doctor Who fanaticism. The Tenth Doctor also wears a pair of maroon Chucks with his blue suit.

BOL Gives Back

The sekrit project can now be revealed! Over a year ago uber fans Dr. Karl and Shalin the rocket scientist spearheaded the ultimate fan tribute to commemorate the 1000th Episode of cnet’s Buzz Out Loud podcast. In a nutshell, fans designed and signed this t-shirt, that went around the world to four continents, originally to be delivered at the taping of the 1000th episode in June 2009. However, life got in the way of the best intentions and it was only this morning that the t-shirt was finally delivered to the studio. With the logistical assistance of producer Jason Howell, other uber fans engnr_chik, angryfrench and Ikcor brought in the t-shirt, photos, cards, artifacts (including chocolate and barbecue sauce) and engnr_chik’s awesome pound cake, and Jason taped the whole thing to post as a Web Exclusive for all to enjoy. A delightful ending to a long and dedicated journey.

The LA BOL Crew met up to sign the shirt at Downtown Disney on January 31, and I had a hard time keeping mum. Amazingly, no one spilled the beans and the hosts had no idea this was in the works. The picture of our meetup that we included in the package is below. Good friends and good times!

Knitting content: a little progress on the last Pink Ribbon sock while recovering from a tummy bubble in bed today. I hate being sick.

Lamb Roast

To continue the saga of the new diet, I prepared a butterflied leg of lamb tonight with plenty for leftovers later in the week (very easy to do in an empty nest).  I confess, however, that I had an illicit hot dog at Costco for lunch. My philosophy is to take baby steps.

Also, while searching for a good roast lamb recipe, I encountered many that were terrible! Perhaps they might have tasted fine, but the writing was miserable. For example, one began: “Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine all ingredients except lamb. Pour over lamb and chill for 4-5 hours.” So what are you supposed to do with the 400 degree oven for 4-5 hours? Editing fail!

Knitting content: none. I elected to nap instead. I wore some hand-knitted socks to bed, at least.

New Wheels

Here’s a shot of my new wheels, a 2010 Toyota Corolla! JK – it’s a free rental while our Prius is getting regular maintenance. It’s only mine for a day. Interestingly, even though it’s new and clean, it’s missing some luxury electronics I’ve come to love and depend upon. Just call me spoiled, I guess 😉

Knitting content: for sanity’s sake, I will get to at least the heel turning of my second Pink Ribbon sock. Then I will feel like I have accomplished something just for me.

Everything Relates

It’s fitting that, given my current obsession with Doctor Who, all things British would jump out at me. This is the restaurant at my gate at San Jose International, awaiting my return flight. I had a lovely and productive visit at my mom’s house, but I need to be home now.

Knitting content: during my flight I managed a few rows on my London Christmas souvenir sock yarn Clapotis. I learned the hard way never to bring a sock project with double-pointed needles while traveling. (Can you say bleachers?) It’s too easy to lose one of the five, and you need all five.