Perfect Poached Eggs Redux

This was today’s breakfast! I poached two more eggs using the plastic wrap pocket method (be still, my arteries) so that I could fully document the entire process. See my Flickr set called Perfect Poached Eggs for the entire sequence.I plated my lovely, silky eggs with Mushroom Fried Rice and some Filipino Pork Tocino, a deliciously salty companion to the otherwise naked eggs.

As my friend MissM observed in yesterday’s comments, the premiere episode of FoodMob on the Revision3 network featured Poached Eggs! Great Minds Think Alike. 😉 I added my alternative cooking method the the FoodMob Flickr set and tried to add my two cents to the forums, but apparently I’m not an approved member yet. Later…. If you haven’t ever seen a Revision3 show, go check them out! Most are tech-related, but they are all uber fun! My favorites are AppJudgment, ScamSchool, Tekzilla, and The Digg Reel.

Knitting content: I had to frog my first baby bootie because of a mistake I couldn’t live with. Also, I wanted to incorporate an improvement I made in the second bootie into the new first bootie, so I’m only a little over halfway done with that project now. Oh well. The baby would probably never have noticed, but I would always know!


One thought on “Perfect Poached Eggs Redux”

  1. woohoo! I got a shout out 😉 I agree though. Love revision3’s content. I also like HD Nation to keep up on the latest with Patrick and Heron

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