Silver Service

Today’s picture is of the Silver Tea Service that DH’s mom gave us about a year ago. She had begun laying out some family treasures and asking each of the children (DH has 14 siblings) what they would like, so she could distribute them equitably. We fell in love with these pieces and she set them aside for us. Little did we know then that she would be unable to complete her distribution or completely fill the bankers boxes she had labeled with each child’s name. I blogged earlier about the Mother’s Day card DH had given her at about age 5 or 6 that she included in his box. What a treasure!

The set was pretty tarnished when we acquired it. It’s looking much better after about three polishings, but has a ways to go yet. A lot of post-Easter events have me thinking especially often of Mom. It strikes me as poignant and appropriate to use Silver (her lovely hair) and Service (her vocation) to describe both her and her gift to us.


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