Mango Bagels and Geeks on Glee

This is just wrong.

I sneaked out of my mom’s house before breakfast this morning for a Starbucks soy Green Tea Latte and stopped at the Noah’s Bagels next door. I got a sesame bagel, thank you very much.

In other news, I just started a podcast on the Fox TV Show Glee with two NorCal friends. They are actually video/audio professionals, so I’m not quite sure what I’m bringing to the mix other than an equal passion for the show, but it’s super fun. Check us out at if you’re curious.


Teacher Appreciation

Today our PTSA hosted an awesome Staff Appreciation Luncheon. It was a western BBQ theme, with delicious tritip and chicken from Stonefire Grill and also Korean food catered by the Korean parents association. Our table favors were baskets of uber sweet and fresh strawberries courtesy of a local produce vendor. (I made myself some Dessert-for-Dinner: sliced strawberries in strawberry soy ice cream.) They also announced some generous financial donations. It’s nice to be supported and appreciated! (Just a little brag: our school has an API of 904, the only high school in all the surrounding districts over 900, which in ed parlance is mighty indeed, especially since we host the counties Deaf and Hard of Hearing program and the only high school Newcomer program for English learners.)

25th Reunion Centerpiece

Yesterday DH and I attended our 25th Reunion for law school. This is one of the purty centerpieces that we were allowed to take home. I guess that’s the closest to Bruin yellow and blue that they could manage in flowers.

We had a fabulous time! DH was the emcee for our class dinner and IMHO (unbiased, of course) hit the exact right balance of occasion, collegiality, humor and professionalism. He held a contest for Table with Alum with Most Intersting Experience. At our table it was tied between someone who had won his case that he argued before the US Supreme Court and a novelist. But the winner was a class member who had been listed as deceased in the Law Alumni magazine. Ooops. His table got a nice bottle of wine out of it. 😉

The acting dean Stephen Yeazell came by and thanked everyone for attending with hopes that we would all stay connected. The food was actually pretty good, too. The desserts in the library afterwards were awesome, bite-sized sizes of you-name-it: cheesecake, banana cream pie, brownies, tarts, mousse, cookies, palmiers, fruit, etc., etc. The best part was the conversation, a combination of reminiscing, catching up, and pontificating on current events.

Back to my regularly-scheduled life….

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today my boys (DH and DS) took me to the Sherman Library and Gardens for a lovely Mother’s Day lunch. These are just two of the ninety bazillion shots we took of the food and grounds.

The morning was especially poignant for who was absent. DD is still in London, studying for exams. Happily, she’ll spend Father’s Day with DH somewhere in Italy, then they’ll both return at the end of June.  I missed sharing the day with my mom in Fremont, although she had a lovely meal of her own with some of my siblings. But also, absent from this earth but everpresent in our thoughts is DH’s beloved mother, Paula. It’s the family’s first Mother’s Day without her since her passing last October. We miss her desperately and call on her intercession for us often. God bless you, Mom, and all mothers everywhere!


DH, DS and I are jubilant after the Lakers victory over the Utah Jazz in Game 1. The Jazz overtook the Lakers at the end of the 4th quarter, but Kobe’s guys pulled it out in an exciting finish. Our seats in this box and a lovely catered lunch are one of the few truly awesome perks of DH’s job. After it was over, DS drove back to college, and, at home, I continued to plan and grade papers while  DH took a nap. Oh, real life, why must you intrude so?

Sweet Potato Wedges

Today was a photographically uncreative but culinarily creative day. Episode 2 of Revision 3’s FoodMob podcast inspired me to make these Sweet Potato Wedges, Blood Type Diet-friendly version of Chef Niall’s Spicy Wedges. (Note: at about 5:00 you can see the show’s Flickr page which includes pix I uploaded of my Perfect Poached Eggs process.) I am a big fan of minimal clean up. so I lined the pan with parchment paper before tossing the wedges with olive oil and sprinkling with salt and pepper. I had them with some Trader Joe’s Tri Tip Asada and fresh steamed broccoli. Yummy!

I also took advantage of the weekend to make more of my favorite gluten-free Banana-Applesauce Muffins. I love taking these to school for breakfast. Sadly, I forgot the vanilla (that’s what I get for only reading the recipe cursorily). Fortunately, they’re still pretty tasty.

Tomorrow we’ll barbecue up a load of chicken thighs and we’ll be set for the week. DS is returning for knee surgery on Wednesday and will require vast quantities of convenient food. I’ll whip up a bunch of pasta for him closer to the time.

Knitting content: a few rows on the Souvenir Christmas yarn Clapotis while in the car. I may be done with this by NEXT Christmas.