New Shower Tile

The tile guys just finished installing the tile in our master bathroom shower remodel! We’ve been needing to do this for years, and in fact suffered some minor water damage from waiting so long. It was both a chore and a pleasure to locate tile that doesn’t clash too much with the existing pale blue everywhere else but that matches OUR sensibilities, not the previous owners’.

We’re awaiting the custom glass door. Then they’ll place the fixtures, that include a handheld nozzle in addition to the higher stationary thingy. What you can’t see from this angle behind the pony wall is a lovely little bench, just right for avoiding the gymnastics that usually accompanies shaving one’s legs. We’ll have to transfer our shampoo and conditioner to clear bottles so we can admire the blue tile at the back of the niche.  I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “New Shower Tile”

  1. Ours looks very much like your remodel! We went with a solid row of blue tile at about the same height. I like your artistic touch with the turned tiles.

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